Kyle Ryde to contest British championship on a MJW Honda Moto 3

14 year old Kyle ryde is hoping to secure the remaining budget so he can contest the British 125cc championship on a Honda moto 3 GP bike.


Current British champion Kyle ryde is still looking to find the remaining budget so he can contest the British championship on a honda moto 3 bike. The bike due to arrive later this month is one of the new generation GP machines that will take over from the current 125cc two strokes. Kyle will be one of only a few riders in the UK to take on the task of changing to the new four stroke Grand prix bike and is excited by building his own team and taking on the new challenge.

At 14 years old, the youngest ever British Champion, Kyle is looking to Moto 3 grand prix’s and is using the experience gained in the UK and Spanish championship to bridge the stepping stone. With Engine support and backing from MJW, it will open up an exciting new chapter in four stroke technology.

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